Sports Jeopardy! EP. 9 (11-16-16) [Spoilers]

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Sports Jeopardy! EP. 9 (11-16-16) [Spoilers]

Postby MarkBarrett » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:25 pm


The only 2 men to win an Olympic gold medal as a heavyweight & and world heavyweight title, they fought each other in 1973

Earl Holland: 16500-13501=2999 (7x = $35,000)
Rich Konopka Jr.: 7750-7750=0
Dustin Kuras: 15000-14599=401

Correct response:
Spoiler: show
Joe Frazier & George Foreman (Earl - Ali & Frazier) (Rich - Ali & Liston) (Dustin - Ali & Frazier)

Scoreboard puzzle:
Spoiler: show
06 - 03
06 - 00

Hint 1: (towards one possible solution)
Spoiler: show

Hint 2:
Spoiler: show

Hint 3:
Spoiler: show
major accomplishment

Scoreboard answer:
Spoiler: show
At Wimbledon on July 3, 2016 Serena Williams defeated Annika Beck 6-3, 6-0 for the 300th victory in a major by Ms. Williams.

Daily Doubles
Earl: 1000-1000 (did not properly phrase his correct response)
Dustin: 6000+2000
Earl: 10000+5000

Earl: 13500
Rich: 7750
Dustin: 15000

Combined: 36,250

Episode title: "His Name Is Earl"

The FJ! had me taking a jab with Ali & Foreman to pick the names of two classic fighters. Because the Olympics in the 1960s are before my viewing time my knowledge of those games is very hit and miss.

I had Frazier in the mix for consideration, but I could not recall with certainty that he won gold while being sure that Ali & Foreman had won gold. Somewhere in the back of my head I do know that Ali was not in the heavyweight weight class at Rome. The nugget I had floating around somewhere was a famous boxer in the 1970s that had not been in the Olympics and I suspected that was Frazier, while research shows it to be Ken Norton.

Recalling specific years for famous bouts is spotty as well and I did not know enough to rule out 1973 as the year for Ali vs. Foreman. It's the kind of clue that seems more likely to produce a contestant half right than nailing both names. Usually that would favor a player in the trailing position. In this game Earl was down for the count, but the wagering by his opponents set him up for the 7th win.

Season 3 leaderboard:
Spoiler: show
Earl Holland - 7 wins & $35,000* (14999+14001+22000+24488+16000+32001+2999)
Terry Kent - 3 wins & $15,000 (19250+18000+27500)
* still active
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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 9 (11-16-16) [Spoilers]

Postby Rackme32 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:07 pm

I almost fell for the Ali negbait, but quickly remembered that Ali (Clay) won in 1960 as a light-heavyweight and went with the "Down goes Fraziah!" fight.

Liston died in 1970; couldn't have been him in 1973...

Scoreboard? Zero clue. Didn't even really try all that hard to get it, not recognizing any rhyme nor reason to the numbers.
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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 9 (11-16-16) [Spoilers]

Postby clprez » Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:06 pm

I also went with Ali - Foreman. I knew Foreman for sure, and I was hesitant about Ali because of the phrasing of the question since Ali looked skinnier than a heavyweight when he was young. I just didn't know if Frazier was even in the Olympics.

No guess on the scoreboard for me. It looked like a tennis score to me, but that just wasn't enough info for me.

I don't think that Earl should have been docked on the first DD. Usually in the SJ round, they let you get away with not phrasing the answer in the form of a question. The contestant is usually prompted to rephrase it, but Dan didn't do that. It turned out it didn't matter.

I was surprised that the first clue Earl selected was in the Wives and Girlfriends category. Who follows that?
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