The Final Wager - a study in FJ! game theory

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The Final Wager - a study in FJ! game theory

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Hey sports fans,

For those who don't recognize my handle from the old Sony board, I'm Keith Williams.

I got fed up with awful FJ! wagering, so I decided to do something about it. The result is The Final Wager, a blog dedicated to the game theory of the last clue. (The wagering calculator is great, but there's no Internet access on the set!)

The main focus is a tutorial explaining how to calculate using simple mathematical terms (you can watch Part One here). I'll also break down each night's action and provide daily exercises so you can test how you're doing.

I hope many of you will join in on the fun - I believe it will be a good complement to the recaps the archivists provide here and on The J! Fan. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter if you are so inclined.

Happy wagering!


P.S. Thanks to alietr for guiding me through the new board!
Hate bad wagering? Me too. Join me at The Final Wager.

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