Jeopardy! Winner's Circle video mistake (definite spoilers)

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Jeopardy! Winner's Circle video mistake (definite spoilers)

Post by GingerBeer » Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:56 am

On the Sony Jeopardy! website, they've done it again.

The Winner's Circle Q&A video posted and identified as being for the Monday, July 18th broadcast is actually for the game that will be broadcast Tuesday, July 19th. It also shows the winner's final score on a podium in the background.

Maybe someone connected with the show will notice the error, and they will substitute the correct video.

I don't know whether other boardies still check the Sony site, but if you do, to avoid any unintended and premature reveal, I'd wait a day or two.

Spoilers revealed in the video...
The photo is wrong (not the clothing from Monday broadcast).
The first question asked is "How does it feel to win your third game?"
Score on the podium is $21,201.
ETA: It's late, I'm tired.
My grammar was less than perfect (It may very well still be).
I substituted an indefinite article for a definite article. Thanks.

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