Analyzing Coryat Scores (Potential Spoilers for week of 11/8)

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Analyzing Coryat Scores (Potential Spoilers for week of 11/8)

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I've gotten into the Coryat scoring method as a gauge to see how I might do as a potential contestant. My Coryats are ~21k, and ~73% of the Combined Coryats for the week, as according to J-archive.

11/4-20200/29000 (70%)
Strong Points: SPC, World Series, Singing, "OU", Pup, Lamps/Lights, Precious Phrases,3rd Party Pres.
Weak Points:Flora, # Groups, Thespian Directs, "C" the world.
FJ- Muffed it, was thinking Coca-Cola the whole way. Forgot pepsin was an enzyme.

11/5-14000/24800 (56%)
Strong Points: Self-Help, Genre, Nuremberg, "ade", Tour, Nutty Names.
Weak Points: Shepherds, Pi, Water, Theatre.
FJ- Spoiled for me in the thread... would've gotten Clinton anyways if it wasn't spoiled.

11/6-24200/28400 (85%)
Strong Points: Fed Holiday, Facts, Food, World Capital, Beastly Words, Plymouth Colony,Lit-Tree-Ture Medical, Readjusted.
Weak Points:Colleges/Universities, Beatle-Y words, Mystery Folks
FJ- Can of (Capri)Corn. (Any baseball folks here?)

11/7-24200/30600 (79%)
Strong Points:Around USA, Song/Dance, Fabric of Lives, Alas Poor..., O-E-O-E, Prime Ministers, 99 Models of Gear,
Weak Points: Bunnies(3/5 isn't bad, but needs to be better), Hodgepodge(see Bunnies), Business, Island, On the Wall( 1-3 here)

11/8-22600/30800 (73%)
Strong Points:Cartographic, Wildlife, Immigrants, Pantsless TV, Filthy 4-Letters
Weak Points:Poetry(2/4), Dept. Stores(First O-fer, ever) Lead(missed 800/100), Oscars(1-5), 1600s, Glass(1-3), OL(3-5)
FJ- Smooth like the Prince of Arabia.

Input from Regular/College contestants is greatly appreciated!

What I am looking for, is a second set of eyes to help me "see" my data and any weak spots that I may not realize I have. I realize that history, literature and geography are weak points. Also, I am looking for resources to further my knowledge on these topics and am unsure where to begin.


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