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Re: Introduce Yourself Here

Post by VaBanque »

My name is Krzysztof (Christopher) and I from Poland. I register in this board because want talk about "Jeopardy!" and international version this tv quiz include version in my country with title from my nickname.
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Re: Introduce Yourself Here

Post by ParrotRob »

I guess I never new this thread was here. Rob from Maryland. Been lurking on the forum for some time and have recently taken a little more active role.

My J! history goes way back to the in-person test at Resorts in Atlantic CIty, NJ (in the mid-90's, back when it was still "Merv Griffin's Resorts"). There were only ten questions at the time and I'm convinced I missed a callback when I had a brain-fart and answered "Christa MacAuliffe" to a simple question whose answer was obviously "Sally Ride".

Most recently I last took the online test in 2018. I was invited to, and attended, an audition in Philadelphia in September of that year. As a result, I can't test through at least March of this year. I religiously play along every day (with the prior day's DVR'ed episode) and average around $40k Coryats, depending on the categories, of course. My wheelhouse categories are geography, math, music before 1990 and the hard sciences (chemistry, physics, biology...). I suck at Broadway, Shakespeare, poetry, modern music, and movies made after 1950 (although I'd run a category on 1930's or 1940's movies, pre-code movies or film noir).
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Re: Introduce Yourself Here

Post by gameshowfandanny »

My name is Danny. I am a big game show fan. My vice principal in middle school was on Jeopardy! on October 24 and 25, 2006. I love playing the Jeopardy! video game on the Nintendo Switch. I usually win as I almost always bet true daily doubles because the clues from the Switch game are usually repeated.

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Re: Introduce Yourself Here

Post by Shaquebanisa »

My name is Parker. I live in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I've been watching and playing Jeopardy religiously for the past four years.

This past test was the third test I've taken since being eligible, and it was the highest I've gotten to date. Fingers crossed this gets me to my first audition.

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Re: Introduce Yourself Here

Post by RougeGod »

Hey everyone. I am Baxter, a high schooler from Winnipeg. I have been reading this board for so long, playing most of the TDs, reading through the topics. I finally decided to get an account here. This forum seems fun, and is far more civil than the others that I read.

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