Ties on Jeopardy! RIP

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Re: Ties on Jeopardy! RIP

Post by opusthepenguin »

talkingaway wrote:
Tue May 19, 2020 6:47 pm
And, frankly, if I were playing, I might be a bit of a jerk and not offer the tie. My goal is not to liberate Sony's money, per se. I just wouldn't want to have to play the same person twice - as has been stated, buzzer experience and calming of nerves makes it that much more difficult.
That's a fair observation, but there's also some headology involved. A contestant who won because you offered a tie may feel moved to return the favor if the roles are reversed in the next game. And a contestant who has seen you offer a tie--whether from the audience or the next podium over--may decide to risk everything from second place if you're in first, hoping you'll do it again. That's to your advantage since that contestant CANNOT then win on a miss.

For those reasons, along with the pleasure of winning without making BOTH of the other players lose, I'd lean toward offering a tie. But in certain situations, I'd decide not to. For example, am I only in first place because of a last minute DD Hail Mary all-in bet after being outplayed for the whole game? Then I want to get rid of the competition. In other situations it's probably better to offer a tie and face someone I've already outplayed once. Better that than see the next James Holzhauer stride up to the vacant podium.

One thing's for sure. If they brought back the 5-game limit and I was on my fifth game, I would NOT bet to win by a buck if I could bet to tie without changing my odds. That's just a douche move.

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Re: Ties on Jeopardy! RIP

Post by Golf »

You would have offered a tie ONLY if it benefitted you. Otherwise send ‘em home and face two fresh fish.

What Arthur Chu did so well was to advertise he always offered a tie to 2nd place and force 2nd into making a “bad” all-in wager thereby increasing his own winning chances. Of course if you quietly don’t offer the tie from a crush position you can have the best of both worlds.

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Re: Ties on Jeopardy! RIP

Post by Newhausen »

The best reason to offer a tie is to convince the second-place player to go all-in and throw away their chances at a double/triple stumper.

Time and time again, we've seen that people in second place are *already* willing to throw that away for no benefit whatsoever, so I'm not sure that's as strong an incentive as it should be.

It also depends on how your opponent got to second place. Get a strong opponent like Ben on Monday, who only has exactly half your score because they missed both DJ Daily Doubles? Probably not going to be as interested as if I was facing someone who only got *up* to half my score because of a lucky Daily Double hit.

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