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Jeopardy FAQs

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How have I not heard of before? wrote:In the fall of 2010 a former Jeopardy crewmember offered to sit down for an anonymous internet Q&A session and proceeded to answer hundreds of questions. This site has collected the best of the questions and responses and collated them into four general areas of interest. Those categories are:

• Alex Trebek
• Game Mechanics
• Ken Jennings
• Miscellaneous
(Yeah, a lot of the stuff on here is stuff that you'd learn on this site too, but it's still very interesting.)

EDIT: Looks like it's a reposting of questions from a 2010 AMA to "amallardwithacold", a former Jeopardy! staffer (computer tech guy whose "main duty was controlling the scores on the podium") so if you saw that AMA, nothing new here, but for those like me who aren't on reddit (don't get me wrong, that site is awesome, but I realize that it'd be a tremendous time suck, so I make a point to stay away) or want the interesting stuff all in one place ... here you go!)
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