Celebrity Jeopardy?

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Re: Celebrity Jeopardy?

Post by Bamaman »

It was a 27 person tournament. There were nine QF games with the winners going into the semifinals.

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Re: Celebrity Jeopardy?

Post by MarkBarrett »

Looking ahead on titantv.com it lists the players for each game:
M: Vince, Debra, Neil
T: #12, Kevin, Mark
W: Mo, Wendi, John
Th: Bellamy, Josh, Ginger
F: Zachary, Cynthia, Penn
Regular play is listed for 5/18, so one week of special play in May sweeps. Or two since the powers thought the announcement of the celebs was special when that happened in April.

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Re: Celebrity Jeopardy?

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Bamaman wrote:I'd prefer another week of reruns to the celebrity crap. I hope they have five shows where none of them make FJ. Oh, wait, they still get to play FJ even though the dumbasses don't deserve it because they give them money so we get to see their stupid faces for another segment. They let children run off stage crying if they don't make FJ, but God forbid some idiot celebrity gets their feelings hurt if they aren't on air the whole time.
There seems to be a bit more latitude on J-Board for mocking these celebs being lousy contestants in way that's less likely to lead to tongue-clucking, so there is that. :twisted:
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