J! archive glossary question

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J! archive glossary question

Post by TenPoundHammer »

So is it just me, or is the glossary more than a bit out of date? To wit:

* The "STAY CLAM" entry has links to posts on the old, pre-2011, long-since-defunct Sony board. Should those be removed (or possibly archived if someone has them)?

* Were "Bridges's Rule", "Falk's Law", "fearful wager", "Jeeks's Rule", etc. ever actually a thing? I don't remember any of those ever coming up on the old board (although it's possible that they were long before I joined -- I honestly don't remember posting there until about 2009), and if Google is correct, none of them have ever been used here.

I also think that the glossary would benefit from some of the more contemporary terms. For instance, LTAM shows up a lot in this forum as shorthand for the "Less than a minute" warnings.
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