TD 403 - MuchMusic (Final results)

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Re: TD 403 - MuchMusic (Final results)

Post by MarkBarrett »

Thanks for the game and congrats to the winner. It's easy to see where I blew 5 points as Amanda for 7 should have been 2 for Carrie when I broke my standard go for Stephen King rule.

Lots of '80s music options helped me a lot. Much obliged as I have a narrow window of decent music knowledge. Sometimes I try to learn more songs and artists by listening to a '70s channel. Other times like tonight, when I filled in a game for the Archive, I listened to a collection of only 1981 songs.

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Re: TD 403 - MuchMusic (Final results)

Post by RJRouge »

You know, I didn't THINK Bush ever hit #1 with that song, but by gum, their "Mouth" was released the same year and I've never heard of the other one.

Good job to the winners, and a fun time was had by all.

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Re: TD 403 - MuchMusic (Final results)

Post by JayK33 »

This was a good TD, maybe my favorite one I've played so far. But I'm probably biased since this is also my highest placing, as far as I know.

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