Dressing for the microphone

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Dressing for the microphone

Post by immaf »

Here's a question for people (particularly women) who have appeared on the show: Do the sound techs prefer that you wear something with a waistband so that they have somewhere to clip a battery pack? Or are battery packs a thing of the past?
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Re: Dressing for the microphone

Post by CoachP »

Essentially the techs work around what you are wearing. I don't know if things have changed since my appearances in 2012, but the mic was clipped near my shoulder and the cord was run down my back (underneath my dress). So, wearing a jacket or sweater alleviates that issue. That being said, Mitch was extremely professional about the whole thing.
There was no mention in the "what to wear" information about mic cords possibly going underneath clothes, perhaps it has been updated.

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Re: Dressing for the microphone

Post by alietr »

Wireless mics still use battery packs.

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Re: Dressing for the microphone

Post by squarekara »

Okay, gentlemen, GirlTalk ahead. Hold my purse.
As Coach P says, they're ready to deal with whatever you bring in, so don't let the tech stuff govern wardrobe selection.
However, they like the battery pack in the small of your back in order to spare viewers any unsightly bulges. If you wear a dress without a waistband, they can unzip the back or run the thing up the back of your skirt to anchor it in place. Any sheath-style dress should have enough "give" to allow the pack to fit comfortably. If you wear Spanx or similar foundations, they can easily clip it there. In Fall 2017 I wore a dress one day and polka dot palazzo pants (with a pretty flimsy elastic waistband) the next day, and everything was a breeze.

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