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Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by Armandillo » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:05 am

Hello again! Some of you may remember that I used to post (terrible) TDs a long time ago. Well, I'm back!

Since I'm going to Trivia Nationals, I thought I'd share a quiz I wrote for friends recently. This is NOT a TD. Answer as many questions as you can correctly. No penalty for guesses. After a week, I'll post scores. :D

If you want to say hi at Nationals, please do so. PM me to add me on Facebook or arrange something. It is also very hard to miss me since I will likely be the only 6'5" Mexican there.

To enter, just PM me or if you prefer you can ask for my e-mail!

A Cock & Bull Round (Every answer has the letters "cock" or "bull" in them in order, but there may be letters in between).
1) What traditional Provencal fish stew originated in the city of Marseilles and has a name that comes from the French words for “boil” and “simmer”?

2) American Leroy Anderson, who perhaps was an amateur horologist, composed a song about a syncopated one of these.

3) This 1968 film starts out with the assassination of Senator Walter Chalmers who was being guarded (unsuccessfully) by members of the SFPD.

4) Richard Moll is perhaps best known for playing what bald-headed and seemingly dopey bailiff on a sitcom depicting a nocturnal judiciary system? (nickname, not real name)

5) With its signature red spoon, this brand was created in 1921 following a contest in the Saturday Evening Post.

6) With a name in its native language meaning “new trunk line”, this transport system has carried over 10 billion passengers.

7) Portrayed in a 1954 five part TV series on ABC from Disney, this titular frontier hero was played by Fess Parker, with Buddy Ebsen as his best friend George Russel.

8) Also a phrase meaning fast tracked to the top, this 1987 action film starred Robert Carradine & Billy Dee Williams as cops trying to bust a drug ring.

9) What 2002 song has lyrics such as “Come out of the things unsaid, shoot an apple off my head and a Trouble that can’t be named A tiger’s waiting to be tamed, singing. . .”

10) **"cock" + "bull" are not in the answer: Although Bart Simpson is seen as a badass, that didn’t stop a quartet of young punks from terrorizing him (when he wasn’t outsmarting them). Name two of the three bullies led by Nelson Muntz. First names only are fine. Name all three for an extra point.

Name the Same I will describe 2 people/things (separated by the word OR) that share the same name. First AND last name required, unless stated otherwise.
1) An East Coast town that straddles the northwest border of Washington D.C. and Maryland OR an actor who created and starred on Weekend Update, a feature of a long running show?

2) A fruit developed by the USDA & Oregon State that crossed Chehalem and Olallie varieties OR the First Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee who went on to serve two nonconsecutive terms as mayor of a major east coast city?

3) A light pink or purple Transform Pokemon that resembles an amoeba OR a five letter word meaning “the same thing again”.

4) The founder and first queen of Carthage OR the British artist sampled on an Eminem song about a crazy fan.

5) The original name of an actor, born in 1951, who got his big break in the films Working Stiffs & Night Shift OR an actor born in 1944, the son of another famous actor, who got started on The Streets of San Francisco.

6) A Nickelodeon titular character who was given powers when a chemical truck drenched her in GC-161 OR the Cleveland Browns first round pick in the 2009 NFL draft?

7) The singer who created a popular duo in 1981 with Andrew Ridgeley OR the third generation member of a fairly insane family on a popular sitcom, played by Michael Cera.

8) The sheriff on a David Lynch-created bizarre t.v. series OR the Missourian who served as Vice President after Henry Wallace.

9) A three letter abbreviation that can stand for either a fictional government agency from a 1966-1973 tv series that was rebooted in 1988-1990 and led to 6 films OR an international organization formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference?

10) A 2018 schlocky horror film starring Nicolas Cage OR the first name of the self-proclaimed biggest fan of iCarly?

Random Stuff
1) In what 1988 film, does Roddy Piper walk into a bank and iconically state “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of bubblegum”, before opening fire on aliens?

2) Hey Voodoo Daddies! “Zeke Midas” is the official given name for what tall, skinny, black-furred Disney villain, who in later times wears red pants, green suspenders and a dilapidated blue top hat?

3) Also known as aqua fortis (Latin for strong water), what highly corrosive mineral acid is used mainly for the production of fertilizer and explosives?

4) Known best for his mischievous, wheezing laughter, who is the canine companion of Dick Dastardly on Wacky Races?


6) Despite losing his left arm in 1985, Rick Allen continued to perform with which musical group?

7) According to a popular guide published in 1979 in England, what is the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe and Everything?

8) For one point each, I will name an actor and musical group, you name the music video they had a memorable cameo in:
a. Halle Berry – Limp Bizkit
b. Scarlett Johansson - Justin Timberlake
c. Shia LaBeouf – Sia
d. Eva Mendes – Will Smith

9) Last week, Steve Wilkerson become the first person to accomplish what feat, in a six plus hour game?

10) I will describe video game and you get to identify it!
a. Venture into the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and attempt to defeat evil personality core Gla-DOS.
b. In 1986, help recently released from prison Tommy Vercetti avenge the murder of Sonny Forelli.
c. Hurry, control a red cube-shaped character and save Bandage Girl from the maniacal Dr. Fetus!
d. Not to be outdone by the Danish, a Swede released this game in 2011. Get this answer. Don’t be a blockhead.

Thanks for playing!
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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by triviawayne » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:19 am

#4 in the first round doesn't fit the category as the correct answer is Aristotle
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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by squarekara » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:28 am

Thanks for this, Armandillo.
If I'm not mistaken, a couple of the questions, as currently posted, seem to have answers included. You might want to check that out.

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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by Woof » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:18 pm

Thanks for doing this. As an aside, I'm thinking of organizing a Jboard social at Trivia Nationals, just a sort of "meet other boardies and have a drink or two" sort of event.

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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by Armandillo » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:08 pm

I fixed a question in Round 1. And removed the answers I saw that were posted. Sorry folks!

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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by boson » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:01 pm

Woof wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:18 pm
Thanks for doing this. As an aside, I'm thinking of organizing a Jboard social at Trivia Nationals, just a sort of "meet other boardies and have a drink or two" sort of event.
Excellent- I was thinking the same. I also am very bad at connecting faces to names to online handles. If you don't mind breaking quasi-anonymity here, we can start looking for each other in Vegas.

I (Rob Knobel) and cmp146 (Cyndi Pruss) will be there midnight Wed, leaving midnight Sunday. We're thinking of a massive buffet feast on Sunday afternoon, and will be touring around on Thursday. We are open to having others join us or changing our plans to join others.

See you all with the grasshoppers in a few days!

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Re: Trivia Nationals Prep

Post by alietr » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:52 am

For #3, Chalmers was not the victim of the hit; he was played by Robert Vaughn, who appears throughout the movie. It was Johnny Ross who shot. But it wasn't Ross, it was actually Albert Renick. And there were way too many green VW Beetles. And hubcaps.

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