Over the Air rescanning coming up

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Over the Air rescanning coming up

Post by Volante »

Thanks to a recent auction, some OTA channels are changing their frequency necessitating a rescan on your tuner.

You can check on your own local stations here:

Enter your zip and look for an R or RS bug next to the appropriate station. Clicking on the station will give you the changeover window, so you know when to expect to rescan.
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Re: Over the Air rescanning coming up

Post by seaborgium »

Well, that would explain why channel 2 wasn't working on my receiver last week. I looked up KCBS's frequency and did a manual scan and ended up with two working and two non-working CBS channels, and the only way I could get rid of the non-working ones was to rescan everything, and all the repack dates in my area have passed, so I'm all set already.

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