Where is Maggie Speak?

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Where is Maggie Speak?

Post by jan »

During the commercial break before Final Jeopardy! this season, there's been a short "We'll be back..." clip of the contestants getting set up for Final, in which producer Maggie Speak is seen among other staff. But, she hasn't been part of the group during the Tournament of Champions. Is she just on vacation these two weeks?

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Re: Where is Maggie Speak?

Post by triviawayne »

She’s too busy trying to figure out what she did with my phone number :D
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Re: Where is Maggie Speak?

Post by alamble »

My understanding is that Maggie is currently on sabbatical; hopefully one of our more recent contestants can fill in the details.

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Re: Where is Maggie Speak?

Post by Traci_on_J! »

I taped earlier this month and Maggie was there! I do believe someone made reference to her being "back" at some point, so perhaps she was away before that.

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