2020 Jeopardy North American Audition Tour

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Re: 2020 Jeopardy North American Audition Tour

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Ken, Mike, and Jimmy already work for Jeopardy so there wouldn’t be a contract issue beyond compensation.

If TPTB haven’t already had quiet discussions amongst themselves about what they would do if Alex died unexpectedly, they are fools. They hopefully had a contingency plan in place for this situation.

Ken would draw attention but I just don’t see him as host material.

I think Mike appointing himself the new host would be a bad look.

Jimmy doesn’t have a big name but he certainly would be familiar to regular viewers. If he does the practice games he should be able to do it for real.

The problem is there isn’t a deep bench of game show hosts that people would know. There isn’t a Bill Cullen or Tom Kennedy that could do it temporarily while they pick a permanent replacement. People knew who Alex Trebek was when he got the job. He was chosen because he had plenty of network game show experience. But the new host may well get a lot of “Who?” reaction.

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Re: 2020 Jeopardy North American Audition Tour

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Anyone else passed the Zoom audition test but not received a follow up email about an interview? I expected they would conduct an interview shortly and put us in the "pool" but I haven't heard anything so far.

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