JboardLite rundle for LL88 is active - 3 days to deadline

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JboardLite rundle for LL88 is active - 3 days to deadline

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tldr: JBoardLite open to all boardies, even A++, come and make your own fun

The registration deadline for LL88 is Wednesday. We have got 8 players in JBoardLite at this time. While this originated with the idea of being a junior rundle for the boardies, it can morph into anything.

Everyone is welcome, but if the competition is important to your enjoyment, we need to handicap the braniacs. I don't think that a 100+ TCA player would get any buzz from going all Billy Madison on us normal people. If I were such a braniac, however, I'd enjoy seeing how cleverly I could tank the private rundle and give as much TPA as I could. It's almost as hard to know which ones we will all get as which we will miss ;). If that makes any sense, I'd like to invite all comers, with the idea of self-regulated handicaps. Any thoughts or suggestions are highly welcomed. Of course you don't miss on purpose, you just manipulate the points to win in your regular match and minimize the shock and awe in our lowly rundle :).

Discussing this, I think a reverse, or "bizarro" competition might be fun and may try it next season if the existing group wants to. We already know who the smartest players are. Maybe the winner would be decided on most threes given up, fewest zeroes, and most points allowed, etc..

For numbers, I think a 10 or 12 person group is ideal. You get at least one rematch, and sometimes two. At 16-18, we need another host and a split. It's too late to work that out for this season, just forward thinking.

The gate is open - you need the Premier level membership. If you are upgrading, it might take a few hours to go through, so don't wait.

Rundle name: JBoardLite88
password: AlexTrebek

Please inform me your JBoard handle by PM. I will not reveal your LLhandle here, but like to do summaries through the season.
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