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Re: New old games in the J! Archive

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Bamaman wrote: Sat Jan 01, 2022 11:11 pm
econgator wrote: Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:59 pm
Bamaman wrote: Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:09 pm Alex’s comment to Robin in FJ was wrong.
Roosevelt (whichever one she meant, both fit the comment) was Assistant Secretary, not Secretary, of the Navy
And in the nepotism department, not only did FDR and TR hold this position, TR Jr and Nicholas Roosevelt (a cousin, I think) also held it.
I think you mean this guy. I couldn’t figure out exactly where he fit on the tree.
Yeah, my bad. Nicholas was his grandfather (and not an Asst. Sec.)
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Re: New old games in the J! Archive

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Well, I’d never heard of him until I looked it up just now. Not sure if I’d heard about Junior having the job.
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Re: New old games in the J! Archive

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Not in the J! Archive yet, but posting here for posterity:

Clip from the KCTV "Games People Play" segment from November 1986. "J!" had come to Kansas City earlier that February for a contestant search. Lili Bliss (later Lili Shank) went to Hollywood in August 1986 to do on-set interviews. She was there on Dave Hammett's "WoF" tape date. Dave's "WoF" episode aired in October 1986. The "J!" game reported on here appears to be Carl Brady game 3 or 4, which would make it either #476, aired 1986-10-06, or #477, aired 1986-10-07. The Kansas City Star/Times archives indicate that challenger Dennis Owens was a champion on the Art Fleming version of "J!" in April 1973 and finished 2nd or 3rd to win prizes on the Alex Trebek version of the show in 1986. Dennis Owens appeared on the Art Fleming version of "J!" when he was still in law school at Notre Dame and he got a writeup in the Observer. The third player in this clip is named Gale, last name unknown.

Dennis Owens obituary here.

You can see anchor Lili crack up here.
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