Summer Hiatus Challenge 2018--TOC roster

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Summer Hiatus Challenge 2018--TOC roster

Post by rjaguar3 »

Congratulations to the following players who have qualified for the TOC:

Round 1 winner: Wpwells
Round 2 winner: PowerOfHoodoo
Round 3 winner: cinemaniax7
Round 4 winner: SwanShadow
Round 5 winner: NoWhammies10
Round 6 winner: LucarioSnooperVixey

(No college wildcard due to critical mass rule; this yields an extra wildcard.)
ATB wildcard: mujason
Rookie wildcard: RJRouge
Senior wildcard: Woof

Clue Jungry

Previous SHC champions:

If you are one of the 19 players on this list, congratulations: you are in the running for the championship.

There are a few changes this year to how the TOC will run:
  • There's no need to check in (and no alternates); I will be PMing the qualifiers to remind them that they're in the TOC.
  • If you did not qualify, you're still welcome to play the clues in the same thread. I will be running the script on those answers and tracking the scores in a separate "Consolation division."
The first round will be up tonight. Good luck.

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Re: Summer Hiatus Challenge 2018--TOC roster

Post by Woof »

Thanks so much for running the SHC yet again, and my most sincere thanks to the editors and judges who assisted you in this endeavor. I also greatly appreciate all the other people who contributed questions to make this event another success. And, finally, my continued gratitude to DoT for coming up with the idea in the first place.

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Re: Summer Hiatus Challenge 2018--TOC roster

Post by RJRouge »

Well, lucky for me the two rookies ahead of me each won a round the last two weeks. I was just happy to play... except when sports was involved.

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