Military people on Jeopardy!

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Military people on Jeopardy!

Post by polaris »

What's the protocol for wearing their uniforms? I know Manny Abell of the $1 win wore his on all his days, but presumably servicepeople (currently serving and former) don't always wear the uniform, otherwise I feel like it would be a more common sight.


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Re: Military people on Jeopardy!

Post by Bamaman »

I assume it is up to the player if he or she wishes to wear it.

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Re: Military people on Jeopardy!

Post by AFRET CMS »

My appearance came a couple of decades after retirement, but way back when the general rule was it would require a senior commander's permission, but was encouraged if it "would reflect positively upon the service."

Reservists might well choose to be announced with their primary vocation instead of with their military affiliation, but it would seem a bit incongruous to have someone on active duty introduced as "a captain in the U.S. Space Force from Anytown, USA, John Doe" and have Captain Doe standing there in a plaid shirt.
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