Name The Ten Trivia Contest Answers And Commentary Round 1 (Contains Spoilers)

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Name The Ten Trivia Contest Answers And Commentary Round 1 (Contains Spoilers)

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Round 1

1. Name ten US vice presidents who served in the 19th century (excluding those who became president upon the death of the sitting president).

The list is here. ... ted_States I excluded Tyler, Johnson, and Arthur to avoid "gimme" answers that were too easy.

2. Name the ten longest rivers in the world.

Definitions for river waters can be "murky". Listed separately, the Missouri and Mississippi aren't in the top ten - the Missouri is 2,341 miles and the Mississippi 2,340 miles. The lists of longest rivers I found on the internet paired the two together as a Missouri - Mississippi river system. I gave a point for listing either river but not two points for listing both rivers separately. ... length.htm ... length.htm Some of the longest rivers aren't referred to all that often - like the Ob-Irtysh, the Amur, the Parana - Rio DeLa Plata, or the Lena, but they are indeed longer than the Danube, the Mekong, the Niger, the Mackenzie, the Volga and other well known ones.

3. Name ten lineages of bipedal hominids.

I couldn't find an exact defining term that framed the question for primates that changed their anatomy to walk on two legs and then evolved into different species (some of whom interbred with each other) with our modern homo sapiens species being the only survivor. The "bipedal hominids" frame was meant to exclude gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, orangutans, etc, and start with Australopithecus. Our understanding of our lineage has been "evolving"; several have been added in recent years, and it's worth knowing Denisovans, Homo Naledi, and Homo Floresiensis. Jeremy DeSilva's First Steps: How Upright Walking Made Us Human is a very good read on the subject.

4. Name ten Olympic gold medal winners in the field of gymnastics (female or male, including team medals).

These are people who become very well known for a short time and then generally disappear from the public consciousness. The trick here is being able to recall names that we haven't seen in a long time. Many of the respondents were able to do that with this one. Almost no men were named. ... cs_(women) ... tics_(men)

5. Name the ten Academy Award winners for best picture from the 1970s.

I considered asking this question for the 1980s and then 1990s, but went with just the 1970s as it is such an amazing decade for memorable films. I also considered that it might be too easy, but included it as it seems fundamental to movie knowledge. A high percentage of the respondents nailed all ten. ... nked-imdb/
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