Jeopardy Contestants season 38 by race and ethnicity

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Jeopardy Contestants season 38 by race and ethnicity

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I tried to estimate the racial and ethnic breakdown of unique Jeopardy contestants appearing on regular games in season 38. Obviously, this is at best an approximation and has serious limitations. It is based on my own impressions (combined with some internet research) and not on self-identification. I undoubtedly missed the mark in some cases. Nor did I identify anyone as multi-ethnic, although about 10% of the American population did so in the 2020 census.

Here are the results:

Black or African-American: 6.5%

Hispanic or Latino: 3.7%

Indian Subcontinent: 5.4%

East Asian: 9.3%

Total Asian: 14.7%

Middle Eastern/North Africa: 1.3%

Here are corresponding US census figures for 2020:

Black or African American: 13.6%

Hispanic or Latino: 18.9%

Asian: 6.1%

The census also has categories of American Indian and Alaskan native (1.3%) and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (0.3%). I did not identify any Jeopardy contestants that clearly fell in these categories. My category of total Asian is equivalent to the census category of Asian. The census has no Middle Eastern category. Those I put in this category I surmised to be from the Near East (as far east as Iran) and North Africa.
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