Name The Ten Trivia Contest Answers And Commentary Round 2 (Contains Spoilers)

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Name The Ten Trivia Contest Answers And Commentary Round 2 (Contains Spoilers)

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Round 2

1. Name the ten most populated cities in India.

My neighbors across the street come from Chennai. I hadn't heard of the city before they mentioned it to me and it has 4.6 million people (I found this personally embarrassing). Some contestants listed names that turned out to be states. ... population ... lation.php

2. Name ten films made between 1920 and 1960 that featured African-American actors in lead or supporting roles.

The two obvious ones that everyone knows are Gone With The Wind and Casablanca. After that it helps to remember which films cast actors such as Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Stepin Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel, Butterfly McQueen, or Harry Belafonte, or which films Oscar Micheaux directed. Two of my favorites here are Vincente Minelli's first film Cabin In The Sky, which had a big production budget and featured a large roster of top black music talent, and then the 1949 film Intruder In The Dust with Juano Hernandez, which challenged racial assumptions without resorting to stereotypes or melodrama. There's no comprehensive list that I could find for this question so I googled each film that contestants listed to determine point value.

3. Name ten moons in our solar system.

In retrospect I should have offered bonus points for naming more than ten. With the relatively recent discoveries of underground liquid oceans and geological activity on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn these are names worth knowing. Uranus is the one with Shakespearean named moons, and I wonder how the bard would handle the name of the planet. ... satellites

4. Name ten people who died while serving in the American military (including the Revolutionary War; siblings count as one).

I put a priority in selecting questions for the contest on ones that were "interesting" - the American military deaths fit that as we're all aware that many many people have given their lives in service for our country, but their actual names are not part of our common knowledge vocabulary. The siblings qualification was to avoid having people cite the Sullivan brothers and getting five points. There's no central source for verifying this question, so I googled each name listed by contestants. In retrospect I should have been specific about excluding those who died fighting for the Confederacy.

5. Name ten plays written by either Sophocles, Aeschylus, or Euripides.

The contest needed at least one question on ancient Greek civilization. Many of their works are fragmentary or lost, but we know the names of them and thus they counted for points.
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