Final Name The Ten Leaderboard 

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Final Name The Ten Leaderboard 

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637 total points were available, plus possible bonus points.  

Boardies: if anyone wants to jump in and take a shot at LucarioSnooperVixey the contest will remain open for submissions.

1. LucarioSnooperVixey        580
2. Cinemaniax7                     535
3. Lefty                                 503
4. Woof                                498
5. Peachbox                         445
5. MarkBarrett                      445
7. MattKnowles                    321
8. gamawire                         282
9. dougal18                          164

I made a very dumb mistake on the "name two brothers who were vice presidents" question in round 11, and completely misread the facts.  Thomas and Charles Pinckney were both candidates in national elections and it stopped there.  The question is retracted and my apologies for the lapse.
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