Feud Survey Question Quiz and Results

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Feud Survey Question Quiz and Results

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I have recently compiled a few sets of holiday-themed survey questions.

You can play this like the Feud Fast Money round. For each question, enter the TWO answers you believe are the most popular. After you enter answers for all five questions, submit your quiz and you will see a list of all of the answers given previously with the number of people who said that answer. There is no automatic scoring, so you will need to score your answers yourself. Post your score if you'd like. On the Feud, scoring 200 or more gets you the big money, but this is just for fun.

If you want to use these questions and answers for your own gatherings, please do so and have fun. There are 30 questions and answers ready for your holiday gatherings. Happy Holidays!

Set #1
Highest possible score: 326

Set #2
Highest possible score: 324

Set #3
Highest possible score: 297

Set #4
Highest possible score: 242

Set #5
Highest possible score: 341

Set #6
Highest possible score: 249
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